Наши отзывы

«Сайт – не центр вашей Вселенной. Страница в Facebook – не центр вашей Вселенной. Мобильное приложение – не центр вашей Вселенной. Клиент – вот центр вашей Вселенной!» .
Брюс Эрнст
product-менеджер Monetate
"At first, I thought that SEO was useless and never even considered it as an investment. Nevertheless, I decided to try it, as I needed to find new clients. I was very surprised with the results. After our SEO and PPC campaign, our conversion rate was much better, and we were able to attract many new customers."
Alina Moore
"Roman Z has a great understanding and knowledge of the market and is always staying up-to-date on the changing needs in order to keep us relevant. Their unique and innovative ideas are always helping our optimization."

Sara Holloway
Managing Director
"I needed to create a website for my project, but I didn’t think it would be so difficult to find someone who would provide good service. Roman's team, however, did an excellent job and was right on schedule. Our website is now even better than I had hoped to see. Their work was outstanding!"

Kristina Tseval
Director of Business Development
"Our company decided to try a new ad campaign to improve our conversion rate. Frankly, I was starting to get discouraged with crazy PPC prices. Roman not only explained all the benefits of different types of advertising but also chose the most effective one for our business. The results of our PPC campaign were good enough for us to sign a long-term contract with them. They are all about ROI."
Jeremy S
Marketing Manager
"A very professional and dedicated company! Roman and his staff is exceptional and always willing to help and optimize the service provided."
Moshe Ratson
"We hired RomanZ Media to craft the most realistic go to market strategy and the didn't disappoint. No crazy reports or big words here, just no nonsense strategy."
Richard Roe
Chief Biker
"Great company! Thank you for the excellent job!"
Alex Tseval
Marketing Director